To do or not to do…(or a murky tour through my mind)


I have raised this quietly with a few people.

After being inspired by Phil’s amazing effort, and by my own running improvements I got to thinking about doing a marathon. If she could do it in 12 weeks, I could do it with more preparation! Possibly…if I can sort out the blisters…..the ankle and knee hold up….errrrghhh

I have been snooping about the internets for information…..then I found the London Mara website. Entry to the event occurs via a ballot. There are also charity runners, where you can get in and be supported by a charity, but you have to raise >1500 quid for the privilege. That would be nice but would take time and be a bit of a

THEN I found the travelling fit website, They are offering guaranteed places in the event (bear in mind that either of the other routes are not guaranteed). It is quite expensive, but not prohibitively so, for us. I checked with the hubby.

They got back to me today and told me what I needed to do.

Guaranteed Place In London Marathon…….scary…..

I love London, the timing of the event is good (April next year, October this year is too soon). So why am I not jumping into this without a second thought? I am well travelled and running a marathon in a different city would be an exciting thing.

I sort of feel an imperative to get “things” done before I settle down and have a baby, which I will want to do next year. What things… to Turkey? Iceland? Run a marathon?

But a marathon? That will involve WORK, a bit of SACRIFICE. It will involve me becoming physically THE BEST THAT I CAN BE. For all my talk through my blog about getting to my ideal weight, I might actually have to go and actually DO it, rather than talking about it.

It’s all a bit….intimidating.

A year. A year to get to my peak. On paper/internet, eminently doable. Just need to get through the mental barriers. We always regret the things we have not done, more than the things we have.

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  1. You know my opinion as we discussed on the phone, but remember that is me, and based on my being a less than frequent traveller. If the loss is only a couple of hundred should you change your mind, or be unable, then book it. At least then you’ll feel committed to it and start your training for one or two strong half marathons before the marathon, or even another marathon and make London your second? The other thing I thought about was that I don’t think I’d like to fly for 24 hours and not have at least a week to acclimatize before the run.

  2. At one time I was thinking of doing the Dublin Marathon – got waylaid with other plans – but it might be worth checking out. Have no idea when it’s on but it ticked all my boxes for an overseas marathon — flat course, English speaking staff, easily available beer!

  3. AJH makes a gtood point about the flying and time to get over the flight. If you want to run an O/S marathon I reckon Tokyo is the way to go. They are marathon mad, its easier to get to and its an awesome place. My other choice would be Chicago, no ballot, no qualifying times, pay your money and rock up as they say.

    As for can you do it, of course you can, but you need to have very clear expectations so you don’t do your head in over the training and the event itself. They also need to be realistic too (which I am sure they will be). Many people set out to run times that are not achievable (for them) and then feel as if they have failed. Others also feel like failures because they had to walk some of the 42.2k. If you set out with the one aim of finishing inside the cut off time and you cross the line then you have achieved your goal. If you then find your time is way better than you expected or you ran the whole way without stopping you have over achieved.

    With a sensible training program, a year to prepare and a realistic goal there is no reason why you can’t achieve your dream.

  4. Running a marathon is a HUGE undertaking. Made harder if your work is full on. However saying that, it is doable. You are just going to have to juggle more balls without letting any drop. An overseas marathon sounds like it could motivate more. You wouldn’t want to waste all the money on a trip so it may get you out the door when you don’t feel like it.

    I was thinking about when I would do one when I was running yesterday. And what I came up with is that I need to build up very slowly. I need my 10k time to get much much lower. I would want my half marathon time to be under 2 hours (cant see that happening for years). Just cant see my body holding up to running a marathon that would take me well over 4 hours – it’s not just the race but the training that if I was still running that slow my long runs would take that long too.

    Have you spoken to your PT about it?

  5. Give yourself 18 weeks to prepare, so count back from that, and before you embark on the training program you want to have a decent base under you belt. Ideally running 20-23km on a regular basis should be, not to put too fine a point on it, a piece of piss.

    You’ll need time to do the foundations of the program every week, 1 long run (25-36km), 1 medium long run (15-20km) and 1 tempo run (8-12km), and then some shorter recovery runs.

    As long as you know what you need to put in and are prepared to commit to it you’ll be fine, this is one distance that won’t accept short cuts. There is no need to be knocking out 100km a week, but don’t let anyone fool you into thinking you can do it on 40km a week.

    Talk to Richie if you haven’t already, he’s a veteran.

    I second the Tokyo suggestion, obviously I’ve not done it but my mate has 3 times and she loves it. If you want to do London give yourself a week’s grace before hand to get over the jet lag.

  6. Wow! That is the holy grail! Having not run a marathon, I don’t have the experience to give you any insightful advice! I just think preparation is the key. Follow Em’s advice, build up slowly and get your long runs in (also listen to your body and get acquainted with pain!). I also get those Travelling Fit emails. The Outback Marathon looks great and also the French ones too!

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