Tuesday….feels like Sunday


Wow, that went fast!

Let me see…

Monday: Worked on a grant proposition. Went to Gym. Was reminded of how much I now….don’t really like the gym. Too hot in parts, too cold in others. It stinks. Some people in there stink (no, really, they do! I hadn’t noticed before!) I can only tolerate any equipment for about 2-3 minutes each (the treadmill for a grand total of 55 seconds).

Yes! I am now an exercise purist! I like fresh air! Plus I think I was a bit sore because I had exercised the previous 3 days, think I needed a rest.

Monday night: emailed my proposition to the Prof. Got a terse email from him, with bits capitalised for emphasis. A thumb-lashing. POOOOO. Un-freaking-grateful!

A simple “would you mind changing this, thanks a bunch” would have been fine.


Today, I met up with Morsey to go for a walk around the Tan, great to have a yap. After this I did a couple of running repeats up Anderson St. I saw a tall skinny chick who ran past me, then stopped just after and walked. I said “NOOO, don’t stop! You are thinner and taller than me!”

I managed to crest the hill both times without stopping. Lots of YMs with prams and Purebred dogs to dodge. My arseritis had flared up after Sunday’s efforts (why does that always happen) so I did not push my luck.

After, hubby and I went out to have some lunch, then I went to the Naturopath.

When I saw her, I understood why my patients looked uncertain when I was an intern/junior doc (and probably now).

She looked so YOUNG!

She was pretty good though. We talked about my reflux (she called it reflex a few times but I am forgiving). We talked about ways to improve my energy, without coffee. She was happy with the changes I have already made. I am going back to see her next week, for a plan to get me off the coffee, and hopefully off the acid pills. Yeehaw!

I have to get my passport re-issued quick sticks tomorrow, as I am off on my whirlwind tour of Singapore next week. I will probably not even get to see the place during daylight – might have to take an extended lunch break??? Feign a headache?

Have a good foreshortened week, chickens!

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  1. I never go to the gym, its as boring as bat shit.

    I have been to so many cities around the world and seen nothing apart from the airport and a hotel. One day I should go and see some of them properly.

    Singapore is a great place. They do free tours from the airport for passengers with a long transit times. They take you on a coach to see the sights then send you down the river on a boat before dropping you back at the airport.

  2. I love my gym. It’s a female only gym and doesn’t smell funky – they even have fresh flowers in a vase in the loo. The people are very friendly and motivating. But it is a privately owned smallish boutique gym. Just wait till the weather turns feral – then you may change your mind… for a short time anyway. lol.

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