Buona Pasqua!


That is Italian for happy easter (think I used this one last year, but anywho…)

I went for some easter shopping the other night, to buy easter eggs, and reflected on how it is a bit like christmas – pressure to buy a whole heap of crap (or crappy food) that you would not normally, worried that you had not gotten enough etc etc.

Then I remembered that it was all about family, togetherness and DAYS OFF. I bought modestly and went home. There will be enough chocolate. We are not in danger of wasting away. My mother in law, who is coming down, has put on some weight and is now needing an increased dose of antihypertensives. She is already on CPAP for obstructive sleep apnoea, and is pre-diabetic. So I have a healthy dinner planned for friday night, and we are doing a fun-run on easter sunday. I will make an attempt on a PB. I would like to do the 60 minute if possible for July 17th, which is 3 months away. Lots of hard work is planned for the next 3 months….beginning with a PT session tomorrow. I’ve had some sinusitis this week, have just got antibiotics from the doc, so hopefully I will start feeling better soon.

Today, I had a call from the Prof. He told me that his wife was sick and needed an operation (she will be fine from what he has told me). He has an upcoming investigator meeting in Singapore and wanted me to go in his place. I ended up telling him that I could, but had to come back a day earlier than planned – this will have me travelling to Singapore on Wednesday, staying in the Marriott on Weds night, attending the meeting on thursday and flying back thurs night, skipping the friday session….flight is with Jetstar, but is starclass…..I don’t know whether I will be going, as this all needs to be agreed to by the drug company, but it is kind of exciting in a pain in the arse kind of way.

Well, I wish everybody a good weekend, enjoy it to the fullest. Me- I have grants to write, a paper to finish (and actually start, to tell the truth) – something for mon and tues, I think! Take care, people! Enjoy your carbiferous treats!

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