Exercising Mind over Platter.


On mindful eating.

Of course, I have gotten a LOT better recently with my eating. I am eating meals, not snacks. I eat for nutrition and taste, not fat or calories. Yet sometimes, it is a case of two steps forward and one step back (net effect is that I am one step ahead, which is positive). But even when it is good, there is always room for better.

I ate a fair bit yesterday, because I felt I had “earned it”, not because I was particularly hungry. I was more tired than hungry. I felt a bit urky after the meal, but did not consume nearly as much as in my previous binges.

I did however skip the post race cupcakes because I was too tired to enjoy them, so that is good.

On Mondays we have morning tea at the research unit. Today somebody bought a crapload of hot cross buns. My usual instinct is to go for it regardless of hunger, but today, I listened to the whisper that is my body, rather than the scream of the external environment (sounds horribly hippy but is true). I was full from my blueberry muffin smoothie! I will be having HCBs on Good Friday, the traditional day. Goddamn the protracted festivity!

So, onward and upward, as always.

I have a mighty sore ankle from yesterday – I twisted my ankle many years ago and it still flares up on me sometimes after a run. I will have to knock off the running for a week or so, have told the PT that I don’t want to do any impact stuff. Otherwise I have pulled up ok.

I have finally gotten on the Twitter bandwagon, I am @cillajean79. I don’t know why. The world does not need to hear my stream of consciousness, really, but sometimes I like to get things off my chest. If you have twitter, why do you have it?

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  1. I use Twatter but mostly forget to check it 🙂

    Well done on the mindful eating, I’m trying to listen to my body more and eat when “genuinely” hungry not because it’s there or I’m tired, bored, etc.

  2. I am on Twitter but mainly because I like to follow interesting people- I am regularly gobsmacked or ROFLing or astounded or puzzled, challenged by what people can do with 140 characters!

  3. I have barely started using fb. I only just got an iphone (I really got it so I could play words with friends – hate the battery life on it). Don’t think I could handle twitter.

    I am thankful that I don’t really like hot cross buns – I am having enough of a problem stopping myself eating bucket loads of chocolate bullets.

    Hope your ankle gets better soon.

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