Run for the kids: 1:41:16


I woke up naturally at about 6:30 am, quite pumped for the event, and had a brekky of porridge with protein powder. Andrew came to pick me up at about 7:45 and he, Alex and I got into the city just after 8.

The queues for the ladies were disgraceful, it was about 45 minutes before I got a pee :(. More toilets, organisers! I had a bit of a sore part near my left fibula which responded well to a massage.

I started near the front of the yellow section and did not see too may red bibs there. Didn’t have to wait as long either. Although there were a pair of red bibs walking at less than 1km – WTF?

It was really crowded, I saw somebody take a tumble just after the hairpin.

The tunnel was quite crowded, lots of people ducking and weaving which made it more frustrating than what it could have been.

The crowds persisted the whole way, not an experience I had had before!

I lost my signal in the tunnel, hence some spurious times.

After emerging from the tunnel, up the hill, my “pump it” music came on and I duly pumped it up.

KM 5- lots of blokes peeing on the side of the road – monkey see, monkey do, I suppose.

I managed to run all the way up the Bolte with the pace not really dropping below 7:30. About this time, my music switched on to the song “F**k you by Cee-Lo Green – I sung some swear words. I caned it home down the bridge.

There was a narrow between km 9 and 10 where there were speakers which played “Eye of the Tiger” – I turned the iPod off and soaked this in.

At the bottom of the Collins st hill, somebody held up a sign that said “Last bastard hill”. I high-fived him.

I had to walk up half of that hill as OMG it was steep.

At the flinders/st kilda road bend, I had hallucinations of Shannan Ponton yelling at me “everything you’ve got!!” So I gave it everything I had.

Finished in the time above – this time in the garmin was spurious as I didn’t properly stop the watch. This was a course PB for me! Managed to score some sports drink after – they had cups rather than bottles – so an improvements

Queued up half an hour to collect my bag (again disgraceful)

Per tradition, I met up with peeps at transport – Tony, Andrew and Alex were there. I saw the mercurial Johns Running On , who came 6th! Had some grill’d for lunch, though I was a bit too tired to enjoy it. I didn’t even have a cupcake (will have some with Sara this week, hopefully)

Got home – shower, snooze, was shattered. I really did give it everything I had, and I was rooted. I am very happy with myself.

Now – out for well deserved dinner!

Here is the race – some of the times are a bit spurious. Plenty of kilometres under 7 minutes!

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  1. Great stuff Cilla well done. There is a good 14k run in Sydney in August that has a couple of “hills” in it if you are looking for a new challenge!!!

  2. If you didn’t like the crowds today then don’t listen to Andy’s suggestion for “that” race in Sydney!

    Good stuff with the run Cilla, sounds like you had a great morning πŸ™‚

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