A magnificent day for a run.


Given the frailty of the computer system at work, I decided to have a work from home day today. And, since I was unable to do my long run on the weekend, I thought I would do it today.

I decided that I would do 4 laps of prinny. My previous record was 3 and a bit.

The first 3 laps were fine. That was my training kicking in. I saw lots of people out, high fived a few of them. The weather was magnificent (a lovely word, isn’t it).

Then, the 4th lap. That was where it started to hurt. I remembered something my PT had told me – the training only takes you so far, the mind takes you further than that. With that, I toughened up. I did a few internal “fuck yeah, I am awesome” talks. On my iPod, I had my long playlist going, and the song “Higher Ground” by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers came on. The bass riffs penetrated my brain, which sent the message to my adrenals to harden the fuck up and keep going. That I did. During that lap, a lot of good songs came on, like “Jump Around” by House of Pain, the one I serenaded Shells with at City to Bay. And then I was on the home stretch.


I huffed and I puffed and I went to the local 7 eleven – I saw that they had electrolyte slurpee. I got a small one, and OMG it was heaven.

I am very proud of myself for doing that run, but it is totally necessary given the R4TK is in only 11 days.

Food wise: I am noticing that when I have had an exercise in the morning, such as PT, and then eat lightly, I am ravenously hungry at night and want everything in sight. Hubby baked some Anzac biscuits for work last night (I never thought I would see the day) and I ate a full one plus a whole heap of crumbs/cookie dough, because we all know that the calories leak out when the biscuits are broken. So after the run this morning, I had a decent lunch (smoothie and sandwich), so I am not ravenous tonight.

Work wise: The nursing home stuff is shite – lots of unhappy people working there, makes me appreciate the other stuff I do. Prof’s secretary gave me a lovely compliment yesterday. She said that I “added something special” to the research group. It is good to fit in places. I am organising a team from the research group for Run Melbourne, we will get shirts printed up. We can fundraise for the research we are doing, and it will be a good team bonding thing.

Mum-wise: She has fallen off the quitting horse and bought herself cigarettes today. I told her to throw them out and start again. I hope she does.


This is a song that I love. It has taken a long time for me to be able to listen to it without getting emotional. It reminds me of my dad, and father in law, both dearly departed. It is haunting and lovely. It keeps me in touch with my pain, to remind me of why I took up running in the first place.

and this is another good song, gets the adrenaline going

amazing how music can have such a big effect.

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  1. Glad you had a good hit out – those days feel fantastic don’t they, when things are just difficult enough to make it feel like a cheevement.

  2. Well done, you are making great progress.

    I noticed the other day they had sports slurpees back, I’ve been planning on treating myself to one after my long run on Sunday all week, can’t wait!

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