A quiet one, but productive.


I have been a bit of a grandma this weekend, staying at home, but have got a lot of shit done, that we usually put off. Namely:

  • Hubby and I cleaning out the food cupboards – they were a serious biohazard, and we had generations of insects coming from there. We chucked out bags of out of date food. Now they are pretty, and I can’t stop looking at them. Not at the food, at the clean white shelves. Go team Ianilla!
  • Changed sheets
  • did seemingly endless loads of washing
  • Bought fresh, healthy food on Sat arvo, including purple carrots (how exciting, apparently this was the initial colour of carrots before they became orange)
  • Changed lightglobes
  • Did some work on my ethics (needs to be re-submitted)
  • Swept
  • Swept some more
  • Ordered socks and insoles from active stride (yay! More running socks! Can never have enough. They are the SofSole brand – anyone heard of them?)
  • Caught up with little sis – we have had a better relationship of late, which I am very happy about.
  • Braved Nicholson st and Sydney Rd on the bike, managed not to come a cropper on the tram lines. Told off people who were not careful with their car doors, thereby making the world a marginally better place.
  • Did some PT homework. (I had been a bit under the weather on Fri and Sat, and, though I got kitted up, decided to give the long run a miss and recover properly, yet I still did some exercise)
  • Thought about some creative things to do, namely a topic for a poem (am an intermittent poet) and art (am an intermittent artist). These I will have time to do, having completed the banalities above.
  • Thought about doing a long run on Wednesday morning, I can work from home on Weds, in my tracky daks.

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  1. Sounds like a productive day! I’ve bought those purple Dutch carrots a few times recently. They are very nice.

    My advice about tram lines is to stay away from them completely, and if you hv to cross them, do so only at a 90 degree angle!

  2. Haven’t had purple carrots, let me know how they taste. We did the cupboards here a couple of weeks ago – amazing how much more room you have when you throw all the old stuff out. Almost enough room to go out and but more crap you will never use. lol. I have barely done anything this weekend – I think the weather had something to do with it… and laziness. But I needed a slow weekend to recharge. So bring on Monday!

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