A spring clean, in autumn.


I am watching Video Hits for the first time since I was about 15…..catchin’ up with the Bieb, Miley et cetera. I don’t know that I am comfortable with a barely post-pubescent Miley’s overtly sexual gyrations…nor her lyrics (‘who owns my heart? is it love or is it art? – deep, man!)

A lovely dinner with Andrew, Kat and Hubby at the Kent Hotel in North Carlton. Good food, bevvies and good company.

Yesterday was a bit of a write off – I did personal training. PT asked me to run 5km as fast as I could. I was doubting myself for this but tried to push the doubt monster out of my head. Also, I was feeling a bit seedy, from gastritis. Then a super-shite morning at work.

I started to struggle after 2km. My shoelace came undone. Then the other one came undone. Then I started to feel sick. At the 3km mark, I stopped suddenly and heaved violently – I am sure that if I had any food in my tummy it would have came up. I had to stop and walk for a bit, then got up and running.

Even with the shoelace mishaps, the heave and the walk break, I did the 5km in 33 minutes and 48 seconds, well under 7 minute km pace. I am shaking the 7 min/km monkey off my back.

I have done 2 days of food charts. It has been illuminating, linking up physical symptoms with food. I will not regale you with details of every bloat and fart, but, shock horror, wine and grease makes my gastritis worse! Milk gives me sinusitis!

Hence the dietary spring clean. I need to be more careful, particularly on the nights before PT.

Some things to sort out

  • avoid prawns the night before PT, even if they are in pasta. Also avoid a sneaky glass of wine.
  • minimise milk consumption – soy agrees with me much better. Anyone got a soy milk they actually like?
  • Even though I lurve fish and chips, I need to give my stomach lining a break for a week or two.
  • and, captain obvious, for peak performance, eat well.

Time to get on with the weekend – have a good one, peeps!

And good on the funbags, mega effort ladies!


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  1. Interesting you mention milk setting off your sinusitis, I have often thought that some diary products set my asthma off. Skim milk seems to be Ok, but some yoghurts seem to be the work of the devil

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