Movin’ in March – Done and Dusted.


Well, I have managed to finish Movin’ in March. It is the most consistently I have ever exercised. I have made an exercise goal, and reached it. In this, I have done a few things:

  • got a personal trainer who is awesome and will get me on my way to my “Everest” of a 60 minute 10km.
  • Learned to deal with fatigue
  • Learned to love my bike and have adventures. Plus I have learned to use the gears to get up hills, and become less afraid of going down hills.
  • And food wise, learned to eat for nutrition.

It helps me to make shorter term, achievable goals.

I will try and set some each month.

My goals for April (Achieve in April) are:

  • Record my food intake every day: My weight is well and truly at a plateau, though I have muscled up impressively. I probably eat a bit too much in the evening, I think – I need to be more mindful of what I eat. Not that it is all crap, but I do not get calorie deficits.
  • Shift 1kg.
  • Write my case report and review.
  • Exercise at least 5 days per week: Pilates, 2 PT sessions, PT Homework x2, +/-Yoga/swimming/bike.
  • I will update this weekly. The weight and writing I will update at the end of the month.

In other news, I have gone all Commando (ie the trainer) on my mum. She continues to stubbornly smoke and her breathing is deteriorating. I have gave her a thumb-lashing on facebook, telling her to quit the excuses and give it a decent shot. I have told her that if she falters, she must get right back on the horse until every craving is gone, however long that may take.

I don’t usually go berserk like that, so I think I have shocked her into action. I cannot imagine how hard it will be, but, as I told her, most of the people I see who quit smoking have done it in the setting of a heart attack or a severe pneumonia. She needs to stop taking her precious health for granted.

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  1. Well done for reaching your goal!

    I like this whole “Movin in March”, “Achieve in April” theme you got going on here. It’s wonderful that you’ve got out of your comfort zone a bit and are having some adventures. It has benefits beyond increasing your fitness, it makes you feel so alive 😀 xxx

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