Not Friday, Tuesday.


I keep thinking it is Friday.

A PT session this morning. Just a low impact one as my ankle was a bit sore and stiff. Lots of arm and core stuff. My arms will be very strong! I have got to say, the Californian is the best PT I have ever had; have had some dodgy ones. This one brings out the best in me. Hubby and I went out to brekky after – I drove to a cafe. I clipped a fence post and a few gutters and swore lots – evidence that I should not drive without breakfast or caffeine in my system.

Work this morning – a few complaints have been flying around, fortunately not about me, but complaining families strike fear into my heart. Then to the repat. Did not get much writing done, but have sorted myself out a case report to write up. So results without a lot of work. Bonus.

A research assistant at work brought her new baby into work today. She already has children in their teens. I said the bubba was a “nice surprise”. She said no, she planned it; her kids were in their teens and she “got bored”. She told her husband she wanted to either had a baby or go travelling. Her hubby said “I’m not gunna travel”.

Well, I never.

I clucked over the baby, putting it over my shoulder and patting her back. This is an excellent manouevre to get babies burping or vomiting; I had no sooner thought of this than got a warm sensation down my arm.

Funnily, the baby vomit did not worry me at all.

Cluck cluck cluck – next year, I think.

I am hatching plans for an overseas conference. It will be a month after hubby’s family reunion in the USA, which I am going to.

I will give further deets when I have them!


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  1. My little brother, who is 16 years younger than me, was planned, Mum has remarried and her and my step dad decided to have a baby.

    And now my little baby brother is turning 21!

    It makes for interesting family dynamics having such a big age gap, I’ve loved it and the oldest and the youngest are very very close.

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