Miles of smiles.


Greetings from my shiny new MacBookPro! I bought it yesterday in a flurry of spending. It is a 15-inch beauty, and it was on sale, as it was the last of the previous line. It is awesome, very easy to use. I also spent some money on clothing. Sort of an early present to myself for completing Movin’ in March so consistently. Among other pretties, I bought myself a leather jacket. I hung my eye over it, lovingly, looked at the price tag, then put it back. I tried it on – it fit perfectly. I looked for other leather jackets a bit cheaper but they were a bit ugly. So I bought myself the jacket. I had said to myself earlier in the year that if I found a leather jacket I liked, I would buy it.

Last night, out for dinner with hubby and our friend Yana. A great night was had.

This morning, I went out for a run. I saw a few people that I knew running around the oval. Doing repeated laps, I saw the same people a few times. One girl saw me a few times, and on the last time, she gave me a big smile and hi-five. I smiled at many people and got a few back. A good way to distract myself.

All in all, about 10.5km done today, which is about 3 and a bit laps of prinny. Most of the kilometres were around the 7 minute mark, which I was happy with.

A short post today, as I am now feeling a bit crook, like I am coming down with something.

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  1. I’m sure you will love the Mac, as you say they seem to be so easy to use, and everything just seems to work without all the futzing around you seem to need for a Windows PC.

    You’re right about the smiles you get from other runner’s, they can really lift your spirits when you’re struggling a bit!

    Hope the “feeling crook” go away and doesn’t turn into anything!

  2. I felt crook the other day – nothing specific just didn’t feel well. Thought I was coming down with something. Spent the day in bed then got cranky with myself for being lazy, then got out of bed and went for a long walk. I was all fine the next day. Hope it’s the same for you.

  3. The only thing you get from others runners where we live is dirty looks. Keep left is also missing from the Sydney runners handbook. Don’t get me started on the yummy mummy walkers who think its fine to fill the pavement and not move out of the way under any circumstance

  4. Movin’ in March has been a resounding success so the jacket is well deserved. In fact a good leather jacket that you love is a very good investment 🙂

  5. Ohhh man I love leather jackes… photos, ploise. And three cheers for great runs and shiny mac books!

    Just caught up on a week of posts, sorry I missed the blahness of earlier in the week. Hope you are feeling groovy now xxox

  6. Ooooh new macbookpro – lovely! We are total mac tossers in our house and have far too many apple items kicking around 🙂

    You will love it!

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