to the commenters on my last blog, especially Andrew and Philippa. It is so simple, I had just forgotten it: eat clean foods when hungry. Don’t worry about carb/fat/protein ratios; as long is the food is clean and the diet is balanced, this will take care of itself.

Right. Got it. Can move on now.

A RIPPER PT session this morning – I had to beat my 20:03 3km from Tuesday. I went out hardish, first lap was 6:22. I went hard for the final 2 km, was thinking that my time would be around 19 minutes if I kept it up.

I actually did the 3km in 18:35 – that is an 88 second improvement over 3km. That is nearly goal pace – this is only my fourth session. I can do this.

I am very proud of myself 😀

After, I did some circuits involving shuffling side to side, step ups, medicine ball slams and boxing (ultra-therapeutic) and some star-jumpering. Then a cool down run – that was much slower.

A very irritating morning at work, then back home, as have to go to headshrinker – I will tell him about my  PB.

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