Neurotic food related rant #254


I have been HUNGRY the last few days.

I am writing my thing about wholegrains, reading Good Calories Bad Calories, about all the evils of high carb diets. Pledging not to eat any of them. Many of them. Too many of them. Wha?

Is all this study making me a little obsessed? Maybe.

My hold on food-related sanity is a bit more tenuous than I thought. I am not putting back on the weight, but not really losing much either.

What do I do?


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  1. My suggestion? Take a long, deep breath, put the book down and do something else for a little while. Give your mind time to breath, as well as your body. Let the ideas sink in a bit and then decide what to do?

  2. Just let go mate. I was chatting with a friend yesterday while running and we both agreed that neither of us give more than a passing thought to what we eat. I make a more or less sub conscious decision to eat a pretty balanced diet but beyond that I eat what I eat and rarely worry about it.

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