Manic Tuesday.


Up at 0540 to start PT session at 6am. It was pitch black at Gilpin Park and I was scared the PT was not going to show up, leaving me alone…

He rocked up just in time. We went around Gilpin park, a 1km track, for a warmup. Then I had to go myself for a time trial. I actually ran quite fast because I was quite scared, being alone in the dark, with only the sound of my breathing to spook me. I did the 1km in 6:10, which is quite good. I actually could have gone faster! Gotta leave something for the next time trial.

Then we did some efforts including kettlebell squats, presses, standing rows and skipping. Skipping is hard, and really gets your heart rate up. I remember loving the skipping rope at school – social status in Grade 2 was linked to prowess at skippy. We need more skipping ropes and less playstations, that’ll help with the childhood obesity epidemic.

Went to bed for another hour after that, then went to work, blah.

Then off to the Repat to do ethics proposal stuff. Ran about like a headless chook getting signatures. Used literally reams of paper, have to do 27 copies of documents, some of them are up to 30 pages long! A disgrace, in the age of electronica.

Prof offered me a job in his obesity clinic, something that I would love to do, and very few doctors (let alone geriatricians) have the opportunity to do that. Problem is, it clashes with my nursing home commitment. He graciously offered me another slot, which I am free, though I thought I could see the “why would you want to work in a nursing when you can come and work for my clinic” look in his eyes. Or perhaps it is my paranoia. Geriatricians have a chip on their shoulders.

Then I had a thought – my job at the nursing home is important, and the people that I look after have nobody to bat for them. They need a skilled person who cares. They need somebody who will listen to what they say, will attend to their pressure ulcers, nutrition and continence. These are not sexy or cutting edge medical issues but they are related to a person’s dignity, and we would all want this protected if we could not ourselves.

Anyway, enough soapboxing, NCIS is on.

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  1. Skipping! It is bloody hard! I used to do it without a second thought as a kid. My training plan calls for some skipping, so I went and got a cheapo rope from Argos and took it to the park….and kept tripping over my own feet!! I think I’ll practice out back before I take it to the park again šŸ˜› ha ha

    PS: The nursing home is lucky to have such a compassionate doctor like you. xx

  2. Great time trial, well done and Kettlebellls, phew, good workout, bet you feel that today.

    Did you have Jump Rope for Heart when you where at school? We all got free skipping ropes and had sessions where we played special games with them, it was fun!

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