Turning the room blue.


My gawd I swore a lot today.

But firstly, I met with the (11 marathon including Boston) personal trainer. He is Californian and he recognised me from the gym. He gave me a homie-handshake and said “how you doin’, girlfrien'” Pretty fly for a white guy. He can talk even more than I can, which is a lot. He is doing 3 peaks bike challenge this weekend.He wants me to get a refund on the PT sessions and pay him directly at a bit of a discount. Cuts out the middle man. Plus I get a free jar of homemade salsa!

I went to work – bleh. Then had a frantic call from the Prof, about things for the grant. He wanted the other supervisor to put his CV onto the Grants website (a palaver). The other supervisor, I found out, is going to China. A few phone calls back and forth and Prof was about to burst an aneurysm.

I rushed to work, talked to the other supervisor (a good bloke) and told him, email me your CV and password and I will do it. So I did it.. The Grants page was super slow and crashed every time I needed to put something in. Hence it was my turn to get my knickers in a knot. I swore profusely. One of the medical students was using the office. I asked him whether he had ever heard a Doc swear so much before. He said no. I told him to wait a few years – the job frustrations would either give him a swearing problem, a drinking problem or a personality disorder.

I had to write a “spiel” based on the other Supervisors CV. Fancy that, writing a boss’s CV. I told him that I got first dibs on his obituary.

Anyway, a bit of a frustrating day, it puts me behind on my ethics submission. Grrr.

Maybe a good time for a run, tomorrow.

Exercise: jogging to the gym, a few minutes of bike while waiting, walking/jogging back. Not much today.

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