Profane Bulldog Clips


My brother in law gave me some profane stationery for my birthday.

A weekly to-do list “shit to do today”. I have hung it up near my computer so I can write stuff on it. There is a WTF box to tick, too. He also gave me a little tub of bulldog clips that say “shit”, “fuck” and “crap”. They don’t have the other c-word.

I had a bit of a meltdown at the office today when I realised all the stuff I have to do for my ethics submission. Thankfully, at the moment, the grant is done and dusted. Hopefully we get the $$$$. We find out in October.

I wrote down a list of things to do, and a day-by-day list of what to do, in order that I can have the Ethics done.

I have also been BLOODY HUNGRY today. I ate a bit less than usual this morning and at lunch, so I ended up nibbling later in the day. I did a pilates class (hello, abs, butt and glute medius) and I was starving. I had dinner, with plenty of veggies. Then I was just not satisfied so I scoffed some choccy that was left over from Friday’s festivities (4 squares Old Jamaica, the rest of the bag of Pods, probably about 1/3 the bag.). There is another (unopened) chocolate gift in the pantry.

Initial thoughts “Oh my God, I have blown it, am going to put all my lost weight back on, have negated my pilates class, oh fuck it, must be good, perfect all this week”.

New thoughts:

  • I have come a long way with my eating, and my thinking regarding my eating.
  • As binges go, it just ain’t that big and bad.
  • I was hungry. I need to eat enough nutritious food to knock it on the head in the morning, rather than nibbling in a restrained way then splashing out on chocs in the evening.
  • I will not put all the lost weight back on, but I do need to rein it in a bit after a big week, eating wise.

Other thoughts

  • I need to run more if I want to get better at running – need about 3 times per week. I may do a run at work – might break up the tedium of writing a bit better than checking email/facebook/ Heidelberg is quite hilly.
  • I need to cut out the grog for the moment, to let my burning gullet and tummy heal.

A big, big day planned for Thurs – meet the Prof at 8am, write, go to the research seminar, bugger off to Broady for clinic, then out to see Hairspray. Will need to be creative if I want to get the exercise in.


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  1. I am cutting out booze during the week right now- havent figured out how to cut out home made chocolate brownies or self saucing puddings during the week yet.

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