The hills are alive with the sound of grunting.


I went on a run along Merri Creek – I was hoping to go out 40 minutes and back 40 minutes. Merri Creek is quite undulating.

I went out 40 minutes, then turned around and came back and lasted another 10-15, then thought “nup”. I was hot, out of breath, my stomach twisted in knots.

Lessons learned:

  • If the day is forecast warm, go out early (by the time I pissfarted around I did not get out till 10:45.
  • My longer runs and my hillier runs should not coincide until I get a bit fitter.
  • I can’t wait to get a bit fitter – bring on the PT sessions!
  • Protein/fruit/milk shake is probably not the best before a long run – need to stick with carbs.

I also need to learn a way not to “give up” and walk when it gets uncomfortable – anyone out there got some tips for that?

I was wrecked after the run, and just woke up from a snooze. Will try an early morning run maybe Wednesday, along flatter terrain.

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  1. Hey, you did 50 minutes! You are right, don’t combine hills and long for the times being.

    With regards to the walking, don’t sweat it, just do it in a controlled manner, wear a watch and time the walks, ie 1 minute and then pick up to a slow jog. If you start straining then slow it down a bit and give yourself a goal before stopping, like, just to that big tree up there, or until the next water fountain, reassess how you feel and then decide whether or not to stop. Again, if you do, make sure you have a definite point at which you will start running again so you don’t get trapped in an endless walk.

  2. What usually helps me is spotting something far off in the distance and saying to myself “if it still hurts when you get to that tree, etc, you can stop” and nine times out of ten, I’ll be ok by the time I get there and won’t stop. And distract the mind by thinking about nice things like holidays or things like that……pain is only temporary baby!! xx

  3. I agree with both Em and Phillipa. For most of my training runs I program in stretch breaks, sometimes I’ll decide to go for walk/run like Em suggested, eg run 900m, walk 100m. Another thing I’ll do is recite one of my favorite quotes to myself, it’s a Lance Armstrong quote “Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever”. The other technique I sometimes use is to pretend I’m running with someone else, if I was then I wouldn’t stop, right?

    Despite all these, I have to add, I often stop and walk too!

  4. I wish I knew! The only thing is that keeps me moving is trying to keep the average up on my Garmin. But if my stomach is in knots then I am very cautious about running any further.

  5. Nothing wrong with walking if you need too. The key word to remember here is “training”. Training is there to help you build up and improve not to break you. Race day is a good day to go hard at it. As Em says hills and long don’t make for the best combination. Unless you live where we do, then you have no choice, each way we turn there is a big fu*k off hill LOL

  6. Hey you still covered the distance even if it wasn’t all running. Unless you got a cab home? You didn’t get a cab, did you?

    Merri Creek is tough and, when you have stomach issues, not very toilet friendly either!

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