Movin’ on.


Have been HUUUUNGRY this week, weight has plateaued, probably my famine reaction. Or maybe it’s just birthday week.

I am still better than I used to be – I knocked back the canapes at the drug company dinner I went to last night (because I wasn’t that hungry). I did have a few drinkies though, mainly because it was annoying being around such…….. A big “my dick’s bigger than your dick” type function, with mutual arselicking between top-knobs.

I am day 3 for 3 of movin’ in March. See my facebook posts.

I have spoken with the personal trainer. He has run 11 marathons. I think (hope) we will have great success. I want my sub 60 minute 10km!

I am in a happy place, but wanna have a bit of a grumble.

I have invited some girls around for birthday drinks. Some of them said that they could come, then piked. Errr, don’t think I can make it, they say – no particular reason given. Always the empty “but we should catch up soon…”. I never know what to say to it. Am sick of being polite about it. So I say very little. Puts the ball back in their court. I figure that the people worth having around will not pike, or if they do, they have a good reason. I have plenty of other friends and loved one. I used to go out of my way for other people when they showed little interest in me, but this is not how I would like to roll.

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  1. I can take the “my dicks bigger than yours” stuff, but the arselicking really gets my goat. Is the PT going to help with the running too, I often think I’d like some running coaching.

  2. Totally hear you on the pikes – not worth it babe. You’ve got so much else going on in your life and so many people who truly care, so don’t waste time with the people who you know aren’t genuine. I’m also at a point in my life where I know who my true friends are, and I can spot the bitchy two faced people a mile off. If it’s not possible to cut them out completely I just give them a very wide berth. I learned my lessons the hard way but now no one fucks with me!! 🙂

    Sub 60min 10k is such a great goal. I’m sure marathon man will be able to set you some awesome challenges to get you there…tomorrow I have to do 16km, switching the pace every 1km, no rest! 😛 xx

  3. Here here on the pikes! I hate that kind of stunt. I would rather people say “I am genuinely overcommitted right now and can’t make it” than to agree to come along then not show up. GRRR. Hope you had a grand time with the non-pikers 🙂

    And very very cool re the 10K goal!

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