Birthday #32.


I had a good day today.

Birthday santa came good with the personal trainer vouchers.

Went to work.

Went to the Ranch to do my studies

Met up with a GF for lunch – lovely gourmet sandwiches (we shared a pumpkin/halloumi and a slow roasted lamb sandwich), enjoyed with chai, followed up by a little Lemon Meringue Pie.

Got back to the Ranch.

Felt a carbohydrate coma coming on

Went home and submitted to carbohydrate coma

Got up and went out for dinner with hubby – The Estelle in Northcote – had a couple of glasses of wine, some mussels (best mussels ever), no dessert. Enjoyed every morsel.

Thing I would have done – went home and watched NCIS. Because it is movin’ in march, hubby and I took the dog for a walk around prinny. Am tired now. Glad I did the exercise.

Nitey nite peeps.

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  1. Happy Birthday Cilla, sounds like you had a nice day! My birthday this year also ends in a 2, but unfortunately it starts with a 5. 🙂

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