Gym – the beginning of the end?


I had hoped to go for a long run this morning, in the great outdoors, maybe along the Yarra.

The rain put paid to that, so I wet to the Gym. I hadn’t been there for a while. As some of you will remember, I started running on the treadmill, it toot me a little while to take it to the streets/paths, but, having done that, I like being outside, and dislike the treadmill. It has become the same way on the bike.

Reluctantly, I took myself to the gym to have a run. I went to the cardio room. It smelled manky, and I dreaded the run I had coming up.

I did a warm up on the elliptical, then went to the tready, with the intention of doing 30 minutes on there. I lasted 12 – my legs and lungs were fine but I was bored shitless.

I went to leave the treadmill but I thought, no, I just have to make it more interesting, so I did some intervals. I alternated 7.5km/hr jog and 10.5km/hr run, 1 minute each, for 15 minutes.

It was actually quite hard. I changed the interval to 65 sec slow 55 sec fast and that kept me mentally in the game. As the “funny looking” (according to my husband) Tiffiny Hall says, train the mind, the mind will train the body. I may be going a bit soft, but am finding much inspiration from the Biggest Loser recently. And inspiration from my fitness fanatic mates (Andrew, Em and Philippa, to name a few).

I was tuckered after the intervals, I did some upper body work then was cactus. I had a nap this arvo, did some reading, did some cooking (marinated mushrooms – will post the recipe if they work out). The knee was ok, though.

I hope youse all have a good week. 🙂

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