And a bit every week.


I will also aim to have one creative output a week – whether it be a picture, a piece of writing. Something.

Hubby and I just went to see “The inside job”, all about the causes for the Global Financial Crisis. Very interesting movie, basically about a bunch of fat cats in the USA. The reverse-Robin Hood.

Out for dinner, a small, elegant one. We shared some beef carpaccio/rocket salad, proscuitto wrapped gorgonzola stuffed fresh figs (more rocket) and a small, elegant serve of fat chips. Plus a glass of wine.

Snack was a single macaroon, from Brunetti, becoming the Laduree of Melbourne. A little bit of meringue, with ganache in the centre and a little dob of nutella. Magic. I savoured every crumb. Small and stylish.

Exercise – riding bike around Brunswick (about 20-30 mins). Planning a long run tomorrow. Biking seems to stir up my knee more than running does. Hmmmm……I never had any issues when just running.

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  1. The food sounds lovely, so much nicer when you can savour the small but good quality stuff. Sadly I always want to spoil it by continuing to stuff my face afterwards! I read somewhere that it’s really only the first three bites that you taste which makes a lot of sense as nothing is as good as the first few mouthfuls 🙂

  2. Do you use cleats on your bike? It sounds as if you need to have your foot/pedal position checked. Without getting outrageously technical a poor foot position will play havoc with your knee, more so than running.

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