Bike-venture (this one’s for Andrew).


I was going to go to RPM today, but I thought, heck, I have a bike, it is a nice day, I will ride the bike. This is inspired by Andrew, and all of the cyclists in the research lab.

I went south down the Merri Creek track, then turned around and went north, near Bell St, then turned back.

85% of the time, I was riding, 10% of the time I was waddling uphill with the bike, because I couldn’t pedal it, and 5% of the time I was standing next to the bike looking around gormlessly. It was a good workout, but my knees (particularly the patellofemoral joints) were a bit sore at times; think I might have to tape my knees. The trail would also be a good long run route for R4TK training as it is quite hilly. It is harder to ride up hills than run up them!

It was a bit of an adventure, I went to places quite near my house that I had never seen before. I heard bird sounds! I saw flocks of insects! A Greek Orthodox church with the polished gold domes, that I didn’t know existed there. Lots of rubbish, unfortunately.

Unfortunately, as I headed north along the west side of the creek, the sealed track petered out and it was off road. I got to a point where there was a steep rocky hill, and I couldn’t bike no more, plus I was hungry, so I headed back.

I have ordered crust pizza for dinner, a meat free dinner.

Also, as inspired by Andrew, I have designed myself a home workout, based on what has been prescribed by a physio, plus core and arms.

Here it is – any input would be appreciated

10 shoulder press (weights)

10 single leg squats left

20 sit ups

20 clams left

20 clams right

20 push ups

sit on the wall

10 shoulder press (weights)

10 single leg squats (right)


5 plyo hops left and right

5 plyo jumps

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  1. I’m glad you find me inspiring 🙂

    With respect to “waddling uphill” and your knees hurting, are you making good use of your gears? If you choose an easier gear, there will a lot less stress on your knees.

    Exploring and finding new places is one of the things I like about riding too. You can do it running, but on the bike you go further and find more stuff.

    With respect to the home workout, it looks like a good selection. What about adding some stretching and self massage if you’re not doing it at another time.

  2. I used to do Merri Creek on my bike when I was training for triathlons – feels like forever ago! But it was lots of fun, the hills are a killer! As Andrew said, I never quite got the hang of changing gears so that probably made it harder 😉 x

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