Can you stomach it?


I went for my gastroscopy today, having had a lot of reflux symptoms on medication.

I was laying FOR AGES on the gurney in a hospital gown, for the thing to start. I had fasted since midnight and did not go into the room until nearly 1pm!

I can see why my oldies get pressure ulcers on these gurneys – they are dang uncomfortable.

I woke up very quickly after the scope, and promptly asked what my blood pressure was after and during the procedure.

I got up a bit quickly and felt a bit dizzy, so slowed it down.

I ended up having some mild reflux disease, but also had some gastritis and a bit of bleeding in the stomach itself. The doctor said it was probably due to the ONE DOSE of voltaren I had, on antacid medication!

(Or could be the bug that causes ulcers).

Hubby picked me up and we went out for lunch. We had heart shaped cinnamon toast, followed by rhubarb and macadamia oat porridge. Good post gastroscopy food.

I have not been idle this arvo – I have tidied, shopped, cooked dinner and secured a collaborator for my PhD. Yaahhhh.

But the point of the post was – be careful with the Voltaren, and I know a lot of you use it – it can fry your stomach.

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