Ups and downs…..


Yesterday, was in a bit of a low mood, no energy, needed a nap, didn’t feel like I could do anything (though I made dinner and tidied up a bit). I did not want to exercise, my knee was sore, woe was me, I can’t do it, where the FUCK is my chocolate (it’s that TOM) etc etc.

Today, looked at some blogs, drooled over Anthropologie goods on the internet and went to buy them but pulled out at the last minute (the shopping equivalent of prick-teasing, I suppose) went swimming, went out for lunch (french toast, wasn’t that great). Feeling better today. It’s still up and down, but the lows are less low, and last less long.

Jeebus my arms hurt during the swim, particularly doing freestyle. I went in the wuss pool (couldn’t be bothered with the sunscreen) and it was a bit warm in there, but I did a good few laps. I dunno. Lost count.

Am thinking about the people in north Queensland, cyclone Yasi looks nasty. I hope it is not as bad as it appears.

Tomorrow, I hope to get up earlyish for a run. Then headshrinker then off to Werribee to see mum and take in a Chick flick. Then meeting up with work folks for a drink and dinner. Am a bit nervous, haven’t seen them in a while.

Oh yeah, I have lost a further 800g since last time – am now 73.9kg. That is a 4.1 kilo loss since returning from Japan, with a festive season included. I have lost over 5% of my body weight. How is that for a great big bird-flip to dieting?

I have discovered a great breakfast smoothie – I used to baulk at the thought of only drinks for brekky (as I didn’t think they filled me up) but this baby is a good one.

1/2 punnet blueberries, 1/2 banana, Handful baby spinach (yes, you read right, you can’t taste it, but it lends a greenish tint to the smoothie), a bit of protein powder (I used chocolate flavour), a tablespoon of yoghurt and a splash of soy milk

Whizz up in blender, add ice if desired. Yarmy, and good for this weather, too!

P.S. Deege and Beki – welcome to my slightly (ok very) neurotic blog!

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