I have just watched Glee, new series and I can say unabashedly that I LOVED it. Lots of great songs – from Evita to Train to Amy Whitehouse and Florence and the Machine. And so tongue in cheek as well. Though Rachel makes me cringe a bit.

I also watched the Biggest Loser last night – I suspect the contestants played up some of the bad eating, but people actually actually eat that amount of shit. It was sad about the lady who had the heroin addict father who used to send her out for $2 worth of chips because they didn’t have much money (the poverty/chips part bore similarity to periods of my childhood, but happily Mum wasn’t a heroin addict). What was even sadder was the barely contained …. I dunno….discomfort of the Commando. He aint no therapist. A bit cruel putting the girls with him.

Still – he is a bit of eye candy, I feel more so that Shannan 😛

I confess I laughed a bit when Tiffiny (that is how it’s spelled) cried after her binge…….FFS it isn’t arsenic, lady!

I have a soft spot for Michelle though, she seems the most genuine. I have met her in Person (Kathryn will attest) at a Women’s Health shindig.

Today, I stayed in, with the heat. I went for an easy cardio workout / weights  today. Then I hired some DVDs – Easy A (really good, actually) and Amelie (which I have not seen before but apparently it is quite uplifting).

I sorted out the work situation with my new boss and the Prof, so everybody is happy, and I can stop worrying about making everybody happy. More importantly, I am happy with the situation.

I have been able to wake up and get out of bed at around 7am/7:30, which was a near impossibility a couple of weeks ago.

My mood is good, even though I am Pee Em Essing – I am craving carbs – after dinner I had strawberry cider and some Valrhona chocolates that I had since Christmas, unopened. I did not even eat all of them. I am not feeling guilty about it either – I had smoked tofu and vegies on rye bread for lunch (a bit yurky, to tell the truth). I hope I have eaten all the cravings away!

Tomorrow, I think a swim is in order, my knee is a bit dicky at the moment.

P.S. I have had go in and out of my mind a few times the thought of doing a triathlon. I have a bike (though don’t ride it much), I can swim (not very fast) and can run (ditto)…any tips?

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