Comfy run.


I got up at 0730 this morning, go me (especially good after getting to bed at midnight). After brekky and some quality pissfarting around, I got out for my run at about 9:15am.

I took Louise and Em’s advice and did not take the garmin, just a wristwatch. My only goal was to run for the duration of my playlist, about an hour and 6 minutes. Given that it was hot and my ITB was tight, I let myself drink and stretch as much as I needed to.

It was quite nice out at Princes Park, lots of runners out before the heat of the day. There was also a breeze which I was grateful for, but that may have slowed me down a bit. There was lots of shade.

My pace was really comfy, easy on the legs and breathing.

All up 1 did the trip to prinny plus 2 and a bit laps of prinny, probably about 7.5 km including loo, drink and stretch stops. It felt good, and I probably had another lap of prinny in the heart and legs, though it was getting a bit too hot for it. After, I went food shopping and went home and gave my ITB/butts a good flog with the foam roller and had a good stretch.

GOOD ON ME for getting out there. (And good on the TW girls for being out walking today- 6am start, I heard from Sara).

I should well and truly be good for QOTL next week, hopefully it is not as hot. The plan is to go out easy and pick it up in the last 5 km. A PB may not be out of the question, but I will just do my best rather than putting pressure on myself.

Hubby, formerly very recalcitrant about exercise, has been very keen about going out walking and taking the dog recently. He is actually trying to pick up his exercise. He went for a walk with the dog this morning, poor little things came back very hot, particularly the dog. She had to be dragged out for some water to drink. Staffies don’t much like the heat.

Am feeling good today – worries settling.

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  1. Good on you, indeed!

    A breeze you reckon, it was a 35/40 km/hr northerly out here according to the bureau and I really felt iton the bike!

    I am a member of Audible but don’t use it much, I listen to a few podcasts but don’t listen to many audio books.

  2. Bella is no good in the heat either- flaked out on the tiles for most of the time when she comes back from a walk. I think it is because the are low so they get the heat radiating out of the footpath as well.

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