Some random thoughts (mostly positive).

  • Our dog Candy is bringer of joy to everyone – me, Ian, the hopeless drunks out front of the Edinburgh Castle Hotel, staff and people walking past cafes where we all have breakfast. A whole bunch of little kids came to pat her out on a walk, and she patiently sat, panting, even when a naughty little boy kept trying to hit her (fully deserving of a bite from the dog, I felt). She is the best dog ever.
  • I am feeling better
  • I want Andy Murray and Li Na to win the Aus open – time for the UK and China to have their time in the sun.
  • Ironic that the US is a major supporter of Hosni Mubarak – Democracy and human rights are clearly only important when they serve America’s purposes.
  • Another week off next week – may do some drawing and cleaning out my closet/study. Plus must get handover from people about upcoming jobs.
  • I am feeling stronger, the proper Sassy is starting to rrrooooarrr again. Then it will be a RRROOAAAARRRR.
  • I am loving Sia’s “We are born” album- was in the city and her songs were playing everywhere. Very upbeat.
  • I fully recommend Milkwood cafe in Brunswick – small cafe, but friendly staff, great food and coffee. They even gave the dog a bucket of water to drink from. Two non-opposable thumbs up from Candy dog.
  • Am reading a book called “Birds Without Wings” by Louis de Bernieres. Slow to start but am getting into it.
  • I am feeling more capable.
  • I have been avoiding the inside of the gym – mostly walking and running. My ankle is a bit sore, but doesn’t give me any trouble while actually running, only after.
  • My sleep is still a bit disturbed – drug side effect, probably. I need to start getting into the habit of getting up at work times (ie 6:30/7am) instead of sleeping in. This coming week, hopefully I will try and right my sleep.
  • I feel a bit anxious and fidgety – drug side effect
  • I feel less guilt and shame (and dare I say it, hopeless) – also drug side effects.
  • I would like to go for a run tomorrow, but it will be 40 degrees……. should I get up early? Don’t think I can do an hour on the dreadmill.
  • Why is there only crap on telly nowadays? I can’t stand it. Though the upcoming “Biggest Loser” series is alluring in a train wreck kind of manner, should be amusing to see the trainers noshing up on things other than egg whites, chicken breasts and greens.
  • HOW THE FUCK is Snooki famous? (Though surprised to read that she was studying to be a Vet.
  • We went out last night for my brother’s girlfriend’s birthday. Quite nice pizzas for central Lygon st! And there is a nutella pizza. Lots of very self-assured young Law students who know everything (Kat is a Law student). They are super fashion forward and own designer handbags and shoes bought at full price! And How? (they max out their credit cards)
  • I really don’t mind paying the Flood Levy. Really. We pay taxes for little things like hospitals, education and welfare. It is good if helping out our fellow Aussies is not just discretionary.
  • High school 15 year reunion in October. Should I go?
  • If Philippa is reading this, hurry up and post your training logs! I wanna read it, girl (and miss you babe!)
  • Tony Abbott, as usual, SHUTTUP!
  • My thoughts are with Alicia – I think I mentioned her in a previous post. She had cancer and reading between the lines on her FB status, it would appear that she has metastases in her brain, as she is having seizures. She may not have very long to live. God/Allah/Buddha bless her. If there is a heaven, may she find paradise there.

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  1. Dogs are definitely joy bringers , I had a wonderful cuddle with mine this Argo and she is beside me now as I type. I will concede that Candy may be the equal best dog ever!
    I would like Andy Murray to win, but am a KC fan in the women.
    I’m planning a nice early bike ride, we’ll see if it actually happens!
    Is Snooki famous, I have no clue who you’re talking about.
    Reunion – yes, go.
    I’m hanging out for Biggest Loser too!
    Glad to hear you are feeling better!

  2. Candy is a peach, very happy to have met her finally.

    My puddy cats soothe my soul on a daily basis with their funny little ways and mostly when they both try to crawl onto my lap together (possibly not so great in this weather though!), in fact Trix is on his back now letting me scratch his big tummy.

    I have not been to one reunion, I would rather gouge my eyes out but that’s coz everyone was horrible to me, the only person I care about is my best mate since year 7 and of course we still see each other all the time.

    I wouldn’t let Snooki within coee of any of my pets!

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