The Minx Effect.


When get down like this, one of the things that I want to do is escape, to be somebody or somewhere else.

It sounds odd.

As I start feeling better, I am finding different ways of escapism, being me but not being me.

One word: Coiffure.

I usually am very control-freaky about my hair, having suffered a number of bad haircuts in my uni days. However, with my usual hairdresser buggered off to Canberra, I went to the local salon, Lady Lola. This, for me, is throwing caution to the wind.

I wanted a hairstyle that said “saucy minx”. Inspired by an article I recently read on Florence Welch, hot ginga of Florence and the Machine, I picked the brightest red colour that my medium brown could carry off. In the light, it looks cherry red. I feel like a new woman.

I got home, put some smoky eye make up on (more minx) and I sashayed off into the city to meet a friend for dinner. More wiggle in my walk. We went to the European Bier Cafe as I had a hankering for fruit beer (had it in England, very much a girl’s drink). I had that and some very average fish and chips which I did not finish (new woman again).

My friend stopped for an icecream for afters, but I didn’t fancy any of the flavours, so went without. It was a tad uncomfortable – usually when I do a less nutritious dinner, I like to do it all out and have a grotty dessert as well (but BAZINGA new woman). I thought, no, I am going out for a pic-a-nic tomorrow and I don’t need the sweets tonight. Plus I don’t want to do what I usually do and sabotage my weight loss.

I caught the tram home, on the way passing the indoor rock climbing place. I might give it a go next week. Anyone wanna come? I am shit scared of heights. More throwing caution to the wind. I am having a bit of a fuckit/reckless period.

The drugs are starting to kick in. I can think properly. I can get out of bed without too much difficulty. Motivation – the first thing that classically improves with the drugs. Mood is starting to follow. I still have my very low periods, but they are a bit less frequent.

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  1. Rock climbing with a saucy minx? Sounds tempting? Which rock climbing place you talking about? My only problem at th moment is my knee is a bit sore, so that could be an issue?

  2. Go minxy!!

    Those Frulis were bloody nice weren’t they….I hope they have fruit beer in Madeira for me next week – otherwise Super Bock will do me very nicely! πŸ˜‰

    Great to hear that things are good and you’ve got loads of wiggle in your walk πŸ™‚ And can we see a pic of the sexy hair? xx

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