Chasing it away.


I went for a run today – inspired by Philippa and the comments from Louise and Em. Though I did take the watch- I wanted to see what my pace would be with a few kilos off me; alas it was a little quicker.

I was a bit bored shitless after a lap of prinny, so I went and did a couple of hill repeats. I did the whole hill (not just the steepest part; the whole hill is about 400 metres long).

I had a mini-revelation.

When I am huffing and puffing and about to spew and just trying to put one foot in front of the other, it pushes all other feelings out of my head. No guilt, no shame, no dread. It is meditative, really. When I am just slogging it out, my mind can wander to negative thoughts, though today, I was thinking poetic/ slightly cliched things like “every stride, I am stronger”, or “I feel as tall as that tree over there, or even that big gum over there”.

I will try to get to run squad on Thursday evening – running with a group will be good, and the push I need.

I just have to take care of my ankle, it gave me a bit of gip at the beginning of the run but settled down. I think treadmill running strains my ankle more than running outdoors. I am icing it as I type.

Ok – hedonistic list:

Sat: went out to dinner at friends house, like a class of 2002 med school reunion. Was good to see everybody. I felt ok around others.

Sun: Did yoga class and was really, really tired afterwards. She works us hard and I probably dehydrate a bit more than I think; it gets humid in the room and I get a good sweat going. Had a nap. Then hubby and I went out to dinner at Grill’d and had the best hamburger ever, then went to the Nova to see Black Swan, which is essentially chronicles a talented ballerina’s descent into madness. I enjoyed it. Hubby hated it, said it was too much like his work.

Today: Run. Spaghetti on toast afterwards – tinned spaghetti rocks. Bought myself a freddo frog at the supermarket and did not devour it on the way home as I would usually do. Now I will shower up and do some things that I have been procrastinating about that need to be done.

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  1. I like baked beans on toast with a nice slice of processed plastic pre sliced cheese underneath and lashings of tabasco sauce on top

    So comforting

  2. I like this quote from ex-US president Jimmy Carter that describes that “Everyone who has run knows that its most important value is in removing tension and allowing a release from whatever other cares the day may bring.”

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