I MET HUGHESY!!!! (plus did a little fun run)


Woke up at 6am, pumped. Hubby drove me to the Docklands, and I waited around for Shells. I was resigned to not seeing her as I trotted to the start line. Luckily, as I was taking my position near the back of the pack, I had a little tap on my shoulder. It was my running buddy! Shells very graciously wanted to run with me, and I paid her back by regaling her with a few lines of “Jump Around” by House of Pain. (I’ll serve yo ass like John McEnroe, your girl jumps up I’m slappin’ the ho, Word to yo Moms, I came to drop bombs….)

We started out quite fast, about 6:40, as I was feeling good. It slowly went up to 7 minutes. Then from about 5km onward, there was a really stiff headwind. As nice as it was running along the beach, I could really have done without the headwind, in fact I cursed it a few times, including a “Motherfucking Headwind!” that could be heard in Elwood. As Shells said, it was like a mime run!

We passed quite a lot of folk after the 5 km mark. There were a few who walked from the beginning and didn’t start at the back (but I did not hip and shoulder them). In particular, there were a couple of girls who were run walking and I don’t think they wanted us to pass them, but we gave them the slip around the 7 or 8 km mark.

It hurt, the last 5km – I had a headache, but I kept going because it was not that bad. It went quite quickly, the race. We high-fived race martials and were cheered on by some spectators.

Here is the garmin for the workout: http://connect.garmin.com/splits/62584049

I did my magnificent sprint finish (all of about 10 metres), and Shells and I had a sit at Catani Park. Just after Shells left, I saw Hughesy (of Rove Live/7pm Project and the Radio). Hughesy is quite a good runner, in fact he was featured in Runners World one month. He was accompanied by his son Rafferty and his dog, Barkley (who is a bit of a star in his own right. I had heard Hughesy could be a little difficult, but I bravely said “G’day, Hughesy, Barkley and Rafferty”. He was quite nice, and we got a photo and had a chat with him and some other folks. Here is the photo

Took a few gos to get it the right way up.

After the race, I met up with Ian and Candydog in Acland St. Ian took the dog on the train, which required the dog to wear a muzzle. She does not like the muzzle at all, and tries to take it off. We went for a wander about St. Kilda, I stopped for coffee and cheesecake (alas, better protein to carbohydrate ratio than donuts). Candy was very well behaved and friendly, until a playful chocolate labrador wanted to play. Candy strained on the lead and broke it, which necessitated some jerry-fixing of her leash. We went for a walk along the beach and up to Balaclava station, via Carlisle street, which I had not been to before. All up we probably walked about an hour, a good top up to the run.

We caught the train home, I ate lunch, had a shower and am now vegging out. The dog is all tuckered out.

I enjoyed this run, particularly that I shared it with a mate. I have had a great day.

I would like to go harder though. I have been working mostly within or just beyond my comfort zone. I will need to learn not to fear discomfort, breathlessness or even the urge to spew, because the feeling of pushing myself and achieving what I never thought possible will be fantastic. I would like to get my 60 minute 10km this year, and do a sub 95 minute run for the kids. I will have to push myself. I look forward to it.

Addit 1943 hrs : I have booked a berth for Queen of the Lake 5km – try to get as close to 30 mins as possible.

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  1. Well done! You ran 10km, woo hoo!

    I know Balaclava station well, I used to live very close to there when I first left home, ’twas a lovely little neighbourhood.

  2. Well done babe!! It’s been a Sunday of inspiration – my little sister did a half marathon in Hobart, you did a 10k….and what did I do?

    I did a 5k along the Thames, and then shopped for bargains at Anthropologie. Wish you were here to share the joy!! 😀

    Fab work – and 60min 10k is TOTALLY doable. It is one of my aims for the year too xxx

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