Random thoughts on cleaning.


I had a soporific morning – woke up with some sinus pain, took some meds, then napped. Also it was too hot to do anything.

When I finally scraped myself off the couch, I set about cleaning the house and doing the laundry.

Society tells us that we should be hygienic and we should not live in a dirty house.

What hit me, though, is the pointlessness of it all – I mean, it will all get dirty again, right? Sigh.

Mum came over today, and did some ironing for us. Ironing is one of my less enjoyed domestic tasks. Personally, I like sweeping better. I sweep the floor every day, almost. Dust and dirt comes up a lot on our darkwood flooring. Sweeping is rewarding, and it does not take long.

And also – a bit of a poll – how often do you change your bed linen? Daily? Weekly? Fortnightly? When it smells? I do like to lie in freshly laundered bed linen. In Japan, some of our hotels changed the bed linen every day. Very eco-unfriendly. They also love plastic bags.

Thankyou for your comments on yesterday’s post. I do not doubt that I am very blessed, and remember this every day. I am normally motivated and brave (sassy, in fact), but just at the moment, these are at a low ebb. It is getting better, but it has been a struggle. I try not to give into the torpor, the mental fog and lassitude, and always try and get up and do something. This was what I was getting at in my post.

And I will give tomorrow my best shot! I am glad the weather will be better 🙂

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  1. Christ I hate housework, really HATE it and have finally stopped battling against it. I always used to argue with my mum about cleaning my room, the old “it will just get messy again” argument which she would not brook. I used to say, when I grow up and have my own house I won’t care……

    The passive aggressive cow gave me a laundry basket for Xmas because last time she visited my bedroom looked like a bomb had hit it.

    Frankly as long as there is a basic level of cleanliness who cares if the joint isn’t a show home!

    As for the linen thing, ummmm, fortnightly……….mostly, I do love clean sheet day though.

  2. I’m with Em, our place is never really tidy, but who cares? I don’t mind ironing and usually do my business shirts. I usually park the ironing board in front of the TV, stick on a music DVD and my headphones and find it quite relaxing.

    Good luck on the run!

  3. Fortnightly for me- but not so frequently for the bed beside mine! Sweeping is very necessary with an indoor dog- I find I get gritty feet if I leave it too long. (I constantly think about getting someone in to do the bathrooms and floors once a week- then I remember that I am not made of money!)

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