Good SBS show:


There was a show on TV tonight called “House of Food obsessives”. It is a reality show about a group of people with food/psychological issues. One with anorexia, three people who are obese and one who will only eat chicken and rice.

For me, and I am sure for anyone who has battled their weight, comfort ate or had poor body image, it will resonate.

The second episode can be viewed on the SBS website. Compelling viewing.

In other news, I went and did the “open” yoga class tonight. It was harder than sunday’s beginner classes, but taken by the same instructor, who is really good. It goes quickly and man, the muscles burn.

I am reading the book “Birds Without Wings”, by Louis de Bernieres.

Oh yes, and I went back to work today. It is much easier now. Funny how I only realise how poorly I was now I am feeling a bit better.

better consider going to bed soon.

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