Dr Sassy MBBS(Hons) FRACP


I got my letter in the mail today saying that I have been admitted to the Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. It said “you are now entitled to append to your name the letters FRACP.”

I was happy to get this letter. It means I am officially a medical specialist, consultant geriatrician.

Then I thought: Shit – this is effing scary. And surreal. I am not up to this. I am too young (am not too young). Do I deserve it? I have just passed an exam and did 3 extra years of training. It is more medical (and also legal) responsibility.

Although a boss of mine once said to me: “you learn the most when you are a consultant”. This was a refreshing thing to hear.

I am sure most people get the heebies when they get their letter.

Anyway enough navel gazing.

I went to step class this morning, and drove around on errands after. Time to kick back. I had a fleeting thought of scrubbing the shower or vaccumming. It has passed, thank God. I have instead touched up my nail polish and fake tan. Priorities.

Off to Daylesford tomorrow, for the weekend.

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