6 km run


That’s just under 2 laps of prinny.

I stopped the watch for a toilet break and drink stops. My tummy is a bit upset, for some reason.

I did it in 42:50 – averaging about 7:08 per km, which is an improvement! It was still tough going, but I will I will I will do the city to bay 10km. It will not be a PB time, but I will enjoy it. In fact I am looking forward to it.

It would appear that prinny slopes up on one side and down on the other – my km times were about 15 secs slower on the upslope. Amazing, I didn’t appreciate that before.

I did a good half-hour tready run the day before – 30 mins, 4.35 km. I started slow at 8.2 km/hr and built it up slowly to 10km towards the end. I like to start out slow and go hard at the end. It takes me a good 10 mins to warm up.

I think my mojo is softly tapping me on the shoulder.

I cannot get the Garmin to talk to the computer to upload my runs, it does not recognise my USB. Buggah. Anyone have any hints? I have a Mac (bought in 2006) operating Firefox internet browser.

Hubby and I went to see “The King’s Speech” today, we got a voucher for directors suite and had lunch on the reclining seats. Great movie – effectively crosses the arthouse/mainstream chasm. Brilliant acting by Geoffrey Rush, Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter.

addit midnight: got the garmin to talk to computer: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/60876351

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  1. I’ve just done something silly. Just signed up to City 2 Bay, but longest run I’ve done in ages is 4km… what have I got myself into! ps. sloping Prinny – no wonder I’d get pins and needles one way, but not the other way!

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