Thoughts re: Goals


I have been having a think about my goals for 2011 – here is a start-off list. I have already started; it does not go “bang” on January the first.

  • Meaningful activities (minds out of gutter) with husband, which don’t involve going to places with lots of shopping or expensive restaurants, at least once every week. I was thinking bike rides, movies, scrabble, walking the dog together, going for a swim. Simple things. We spend too much time on the puter, each of us. To this end, today, hubby and I had a hot choccy and a chat about what we can do in the future.
  • To cut back on the shopping. It is soul destroying, in many ways. I have enough stuff. To this end: I have not gone too berserk in the sales. Instead, I spent my time wandering about, thinking about how I can stylishly re-work the extensive wardrobe I already have.
  • Doing artwork regularly, at least once a week. I am good at art, and I don’t do it enough to get better at it. Making an effort to get to classes, or at least just doodling; I have “how to” books. To this end, during my week off, I will get to it.
  • To learn to enjoy the way I look, and make the most of it. I have spent too long being torpid about the way I look. To this end, I have been making an effort to dress in a stylish manner, despite feeling fairly crappy. I have been wearing my red lippy on a semi-regular basis – looks hot for minimal effort. I need to actually use the make-up I have – it makes a great difference to the way I look. I watch lots of women – very few of them have perfect bodies. And attractiveness is not inversely proportional to body mass – truth be told, women can look great at multiple sizes.
  • To continue the good work on my relationship with food. To this end: I have a house full of treaties there for the taking, and I don’t feel twitchy, wanting to eat it. While I was wandering about Doncaster Shoppingtown, I wanted to get something to eat, just after having a good lunch. I said to myself: “I am anxious and overwhelmed, not hungry”. I have decreased the snacking, because I am not in any imminent danger of starvation. Also, I have learned that I am shit scared of being hungry, and am working on this.
  • To learn to talk nicely to myself (see above for examples) and not feel so guilty all the time. That is a bit of a struggle and part and parcel of the way I am feeling. To learn to nurture myself – listening to upbeat  music, taking a bath or shower with nice smelling body wash, playing with the dog – not wasted time, important time.
  • To exercise most days, as reward, not punishment. I am a bit of an “all or nothing” person; if I am a bit tired, or have pigged out, I say “stuff it, not worth it” and flop on the couch. To this end, I have been exercising to feel good, doing yoga classes, and re-discovered my inner water-baby a few months back. I do not have to flog myself to get the benefit. I have to be consistent to get the benefit. Who knows, I may even get the elusive 10km in 60 minutes this year, but if I don’t, it is ok.
  • To find the balance between making goals and putting pressure on myself. All of these things are positive things, and hopefully will be self- perpetuating. There is no goal weight. No arbitrary amounts or numbers. To go easy on myself, and be happy about what I achieve.
  • I have learned a good one from Shauna – to not procrastinate about any task that takes less than a minute to do. My house is already tidier for it.

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  1. I like this list, it’s obvious you’ve given it a lot of thought. I like the first one, probably should be something similar on my list (with my wife though, I’m not saying I want to spend time with your hubby). I also like the third one, I just wish I had some talent in something! Re the 4th one, I think you know I think you look fab, but I think that there is a lot to be said for being happy an confident in how you look, I think it makes you carry yourself differently and the feeling of confidence exudes sex appeal IMHO.

  2. Nice list. I had a make up lesson with my beautican a while back and it was fantastic for updating my look. Rather than have biased advice from a girl at the cosmetic counter who’s trying to sell me something, we used the makeup I already have mostly but looked at how I used it and how to make the most of my features. I’d really recommend it.

  3. can i just cut and paste this onto my own blog? it’s pretty much the same!? (minus the art 🙂 fantastic and thoughtful and here’s to a crackin’ 2011 for you!

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