Brooks Trance 9


Hubby and I braved Doncaster Shoppingtown for the boxing day sales (ever wonder why it is called boxing day? You find out when you hit the sales).

I managed to behave and not growl at or hip and shoulder anybody.

The clothes, shoes and apparel don’t interest me particularly – I have all that I want, and I don’t particularly like this season’s stuff anyway.

What I did need, however, is some new running shoes. My adidas ones have died, and my Brooks adrenalines are about 18 months old. Hence I went to the Athlete’s foot and had a gander.

I tried on a few Brooks shoes – the Adrenaline 11 and the Trance 9 and 10. The Trance 9s were on special, the same price as the new Adrenalines. They actually felt the best on, too – really cradled my hindfoot. So I coughed up. Once I find my holy grail shoe, I will buy over the internet.

I went for a run / fiddle with Garmin today – all up I did about 4.5km. At the moment, my fast pace is 6:50 and my slow pace is 7:20. I will need to work up the distance for City 2 Bay. I may not take my garmin on that race, as I may be tempted to go out too fast. We shall see.

I am very upset to find out that my favourite little Indian restaurant, Bismi, has closed down. Dang. Was looking forward to it. Had it in my head.

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  1. The Trance 9 is a nice shoe and is now lighter than the Adrenaline which used to be the lighter shoe.

    I think the T9 is the lightest stability shoe on the market, it’s sweet, I am a massive fan 🙂

    Well done on battling the sales, I just bought some stuff online, not ready to brave the shops yet!

  2. I want to go to the sales but I don’t need to buy anything!! How’s that for honesty!

    I’ll probably take Alana tomorrow as she got lots of gift vouchers to her favourite clothes shop, so at least I can go shopping through her!

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