Merry Christmas


And even if it makes you grumpy, sad, stressed, irate, broke- as it can tend to do, if we are being honest about it, it is only a day, one day of four off. So relax and enjoy the other three days.

And remember all food and drink consumed on Christmas day has NO calories. None. Not the roast, the croissants with Nutella, the Pinot or the Pav. I am a doctor and this is a scientifically proven fact.

I have been advised by my doc to take weds, thurs and fri of next week off. Actually he gave me some time off last I saw him, but I didn’t. He advised me more strongly this time. So I get some time off, to turn a corner, right myself, right my sleep (which had been poor). A week off. Time to get a bit better (am feeling a bit better now). Time to face up to what is wrong, rather than denying it – this is the hard part.

I found out yesterday that I did not get one of the PhD scholarships I applied for, however I have been put on the waiting list for the other one, which I suppose is good. I don’t think everyone goes on the wait list. Fingers crossed.

Santa (Hubby; I stopped believing in Santa last year when I was 10), has bought me a Garmin 110. So many runs this year, perhaps with uploads. I am considering a 2011 goal to run 10 or 15 km every week. Sort of dwarfy in comparison to Em’s 90 km but it is a start.

On this note, I think I might go out for a toddle now, before the family comes over.

Merry Christmas, from Sassy, Mr. Sassy and Candydog.




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  1. Merry Christmas! Nothing can be gained from comparing ourselves to Em. We still get presents from our pets- just like when I was 6 trying to work out how my horse went into town and bought me a beach towel. Enjoy your break- looking forward to catching up in the New Year.

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