Hello (I think)


I have been a bit quiet – nothing to blog that feel particularly comfortable sharing. Instead, in contrast to last time, I have been talking about things with my husband – as it should be.

I went for another run today after work, a little further than last time. Training for city to bay. Anyone else doing this race? I found the run quite meditative. Just counting 1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2…, no ipod. The dog quite enjoyed it too. I am running through local streets, seeing parts of my neighbourhood that I have never seen before. Very diverting. The weather was good for it this evening as well, nice and cool with not too much wind.

I nearly always feel better after a run. I go out with the attitude that I can walk if I need, I don’t need to cane it, and I am happy with what I do.

On the job for next year front, it would appear that I may have to choose between two  – I am in a tug of love, as it were. One fits better with the PhD hours, one is work that I actually would prefer to do. Hard.

My meeting with my PhD supervisor went well – he was really excited by my research proposal – I am happy that he was happy (especially since I was worried that he would say “what is this pile of crap, stop wasting my time”.) I have not yet heard about my scholarship, I do hope I get one; it will help.

I had a reasonable day yesterday – I could listen to christmas music being played without wanting to run a mile. Progress.

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  1. Head to the Pogues for the Fairytale of New York or Tim Minchin singing White Wine In The Sun as the perfect antidote for too many sugary sweet Christmas carols- they are christmassy but so much more!

  2. Hope you’re ok! The run always helps me too, especially if you don’t put any pressure on yourself.

    Re the job, ask yourself “which one will I enjoy most?” and do that one.

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