Some exciting news…


One of my best friends, Amy, is pregnant. She broke it to us today, at lunch with myself, littlesare and Mel the Gazelle. I am really excited for her and her husband.

Amy and I have done lots of things together. Our internship, our specialty exam and our advanced training (different specialties). We are both doing a PhD next year. We got married on about the same day, a year apart. We don’t see each other enough but will yabber on for hours on the phone, one of the few people who I can do that with.

I did not know they were planning and was slightly taken aback, albeit thrilled by the news.

Earlier this year, I was really clucky and wanted to get the engines running, so to speak. Recently, perhaps in keeping with my mood, I have gone off the idea (and at times it frankly frightens and repels me). I have also had awful, awful heartburn, despite medication, so I need to get that sorted too. So not a really good time for baby making.

Hubby would love a bubba; we would have one by now were it up to him. We had a little “state of the union” chat today, talking about timings and such.

I felt for my friend Mel the Gazelle – her and her hubby have been trying for a while now, and she is currently on fertility treatment. Though she can tend towards anxiety and being down, she seemed really bright today, and seemed happy for Amy’s news (though it must have been hard to hear).

It is all quite a cut-throat business, the baby stuff. From conception to finding a good (private) obstetrician and fitting it in around training and such, it is quite a high pressure game for us lady doctor girls. We put it off for maybe a bit too long and then need to rush on in with the clock ticking loudly. Same for lots of women, really.

Anywho, enough baby stuff.

I went to RPM class this morning – was feeling a bit tired and yucky, so I thought I would take it easy if I needed. The instructor, a fit chap probably in his 50s (much like Andrew), has a booming voice and is a bit mad (not like Andrew). He really gets the group going, and I sweated buckets. He came around to make sure we were doing 135 rpm during the sprint track, bless him.

Tonight – probably pizza for dinner. Tomorrow – we are going to a wedding at the zoo. Should be fun. Have not picked out an outfit yet.

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  1. I like a good rpm/spin class.

    A wedding at the zoo, no outfit picked out – my mind went straight to a gorilla costume (wouldn’t it be so funny if all the guests came dressed in animal costumes – almost makes me want to get married so I could do a wedding like that…).

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