Lord Mayor of Struggletown.


The jetlag from this trip has hit me really hard. Or perhaps it is just sleep debt. Don’t know, but by gosh I have been tired. Like not just ratty tired – drop, curl up and sleep right there on the floor tired.

I went to my headshrink lady for an 8pm appointment and she sent me home because I looked exhausted. She did not charge me, she said she would make something up for the office. Bless her.

In fact, had it not just been that TOM, I would do a pregnancy test.

So the agenda for the weekend is to sleep lots.

Yesterday, I went to the dentist to get my teeth filled. The dentist was very gentle when he put the needle in, they use a dob of local anaesthetic and then stick the needle in, I barely felt it. I can give you his name, for the Melbournites here. After the dentist (it was 3pm), I was starving and wanted lunch. I could not eat anything because my mouth was numb and my mouth pursey muscles (orbicularis oris) were paralysed partially. So I had a mango lassi. Bad planning – I could not manage a drinking straw. So I had to half swig, half lap it out of the glass. I looked a bit….ahem….special.

I had a little napski, then went to bodypump. Never let it be said that I am not tough :P. It was good, but not as good as the other guys. Stupid music licencing for aerobics classes means no original singers on the tracks, so it sounds a bit lame sometimes. My little girl arms are a bit sore today.

Hubby and I went out for brekky this morning, nothing like a good Melbourne brekky. I wore a skirt and sandals. We went for a walk, and I had to go home as was suffering an unfortunate case of chub rub. I, like many women (actually probably most women), have thighs that meet in the middle and pash like old lovers. Bodyglide helps, except for when it is hot. Then nothing does. Except wearing trousers/longer shorts. Pah.

Anywho – that was the little dose of too much info for the post.

I often fear Christmas a little – for many, it can be a stressful time. Relatives do not always behave as you would like to (this is what alcohol is for). For me, memories of it are a little sad and or painful. No more, I have decided. I will try, goddamn, to get into the spirit of things and not be such a scrooge. At the very least, it is a 4 day weekend.

I will start by putting up some Christmas decorations. I will head of to K-mart and do some tinsel shopping. Hazzah!

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