Brocc and Roll.


That is about the cheesiest post title I have ever come up with.

I had a dish of spaghetti con broccoli when I went out with Philippa in the UK, it was yummy and I have been thinking about it since then.

I am not usually one to go in for recipes, as I usually freestyle it. I have a repertoire of meals in my noggin and cook from there, with the result that I never have quite the same meal twice. This is not a recipe, more a suggestion of ingredients and method. After work today I was staaarving and tired and this dish fit the bill perfectly.


  • 1 medium stalk of broccoli
  • spaghetti, about 120 g dry (ummmmm…..about 2 servings I thinks)
  • garlic – I like lots
  • chilli (preferably fresh)- I like not too much.
  • grated zest of 1/2 lemon
  • butter, about 2 teaspoons
  • olive oil, about 3 teaspoons.
  • anchovies (I think they are an unfairly maligned food, they go well with this recipe but feel free to omit if desired)
  • parmesan cheese (absolutely mandatory)
  • olives (to nibble on while cooking, not to actually go in the dish.)

put garlic, lemon zest and chilli in frying pan with oil and butter, cook till cooked but definitely not overcooked; burning chilli will take your eyes out with the fumes.

Meanwhile, boil water for pasta and broccoli (I suppose if you were a clever clogs you could do these in the same pot but I didn’t think of that at the time).

Feed hound/cat/goldfish/budgerigar so you don’t get bothered while eating.

Combine cooked pasta, broccoli and garlicky mixture, toss, add anchovies to taste then sprinkle with a good helping of parmesan. Enjoy, and do not resist temptation to lick the oil off the bowl.


I need a bloody early night tonight. I am pooped. I have not been to the gym today, nor yesterday, because I need to be less exhausted (and less hard on myself for not going when exhausted, getting there).

I am much better with snacking, insofar as I have been avoiding them unless very hungry. I am in no imminent danger of starvation, and hunger is indeed the best sauce and (and maybe if I get really hungry my arse will start eating itself no no no noooo that is not edifying shuttup). In fact, yesterday, after dinner, I went for a ferret in the pantry after dinner. Ian was in bed, asleep, after a boozy afternoon and I was a bit ratty. Mid-ferret, I said to myself, quite automatically, “tired, bored and a bit lonely”. I ceased ferreting and read me some good comforting blog (see the blogroll).

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  1. I said god DAMN, that is one of my all time fave pasta dishes, I freaking love Broc!

    Parmesan is always mandatory, I like the cut of your jib young lady.

    Try chucking in some pine nuts too, Mmmmmmm

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