2/5ths of the way there….


It will be Wednesday tomorrow, light at the end of the tunnel etc.

Jetlag shows not much sign of changing – was KNACKERED at 3pm, or in my inner brain, 4am GMT. I did not even get to the gym this evening, having a good energetic lie down after work instead. Hubby went to the pub to have some end of year drinks – he is now not feeling well, and also having a good energetic lie down.

BIG props to my resident, who baked a cake for the birthday of a long-term patient. What an awesome doc!

Am doing a bit of an overhaul – off to have my teeth filled on Friday, then off to the sports doc on Monday – my knee was really creaky and stiff (plus have had a disconcerting crackle in my patella when I go up/down stairs).

Watching vintage episodes of The Big Bang Theory. Love that show, always good for a giggle.


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