The home stretch.


I have started work after 5 weeks holiday. This is my final term as a trainee, the final term as a registrar. It was a good day, good residents and good consultants this time around.And I didn’t get too sleepy.

I made the most of the weekend, election day and all. Not pleased about the result but hopefully Ted will not be as bad as Jeff. Fingers crossed. I went to my first Body Pump class – weights – and it was not as hard as I thought it would be. Need to ramp up the weight and whup those girly arms into shape. Had dinner with the Mother in Law while hubby scrutineered for the Greens on Saturday night.

Sunday – slid with difficulty out of bed to go to Step, and was glad I did. Kept on my feet, cleaning out my closet; it was either that or fall asleep. I nearly chucked out quite a bit, thinking, hell, I never wear it, but then I thought NAAAAH I should wear it. Like that white dress with black patterns on it that I paired successfully with black sheer stockings and a black cardie today. More polish, less slattern (borrowed that word from Kathryn).

Sunday was our 6th wedding anniversary (and here is to many more) and we went to Cutler and Co for dinner. The food was great and the service perfect; we had the degustation and they didn’t even worry about kicking us out at 8pm for the next customer for our table. The waitress even remembered us from the last time we were there!

Work was eminently bearable, as I had said. Even had the energy to go to Zumba today. Nothing like some uplifting music and jumping about and booteh shaking to get you pumping. Very important for my mood, especially at the moment.

Just watching Glee at the moment – I always nearly blub at it, I love the music and love the theme of acceptance and being yourself that runs through it.

Oh, and some good news: I look like I have myself a couple of sessions work for next year, enough to keep the PhD tenable. Good old Kwang, he always comes through.

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