Floss, floss, floss them teeth.


Home. I am jetlagged.

So what is the best thing to do when jetlagged? Why, go to the dentist, of course! Sucker for punishment, that is me.

I went to the hygienist first, who picked at my teeth with a metal prong, which is less comfortable than, say, a pap smear. She sighed a lot and asked me how often I flossed. See, I have never been a flosser, and, up until the unfortunate root canal episode of 2009, I had gotten away with it with no fillings. My lassitude is catching up with me now. The 2 years of antidepressant therapy also would not have helped; one of the lesser known but common side effects of SSRI medication is dry mouth, which increases the risk of cavities.

The dentist came in and took some x rays. Whoopsy – I need 2 fillings. Instead of telling me sternly to floss, he explained why I should, in technical terms. Which is good. Stuff about sugar and acid and bacteria and this causing demineralisation of the teeth. I now have an appointment for next Friday afternoon.What a great way to start the weekend! Luckily, my new private health fund covers a bit more so the wallet-ache is lessened.

My new dental care regimen will consist of: Flossing (random reminders will be appreciated), chewing gum after lunch, using the fancy tooth mousse at night, cutting back / weaning off the sugar in my coffee (I only take half-1 anyway) and cutting back on the nibbling during the day.

Further to the self care. As I think I have mentioned, my mood has been a bit up and down recently. When I can put my finger on what is getting me down, I can usually talk myself out of it, but sometimes I have had this vague, pervasive sense of unease. This is a bit of a concern, and I will talk to my mental health entourage about this. However, on good days, I am good, which is good. πŸ˜€

I already have a bit of a plan in place, which is thus – it builds on the gains that I have already made.

  • I have slowly come around to the fact that I must not get down about the way I look, but focus on the positives – I am not such a bad looking bird (and thankYOU Phil, for reminding me of this). I have internalised this and made it more automatic. In fact, with a bit of effort, I can look quite good. Effort insofar as a bit of makeup, a bit more effort with the clothes (I have nice ones but get a bit lazy with wearing them), a few accessories, and the resulting swagger. This is what the girls overseas do, and it works. I thought, wow, they look good, but objectively they are often no better looking than others. It is not what you have but how well you shake it. And shake it, I will. Or at least I will give it a darned good try.
  • I have gotten a bit better with the eating and drinking alcohol, in fact I seemed to have gained no/minimal weight while overseas despite only eating out. I am just one of those people whose psyche cannot withstand a lot of alcohol, and I have come around to this. I no longer feel that I need it to round off a meal or a lot of it to celebrate things. This is positive.
  • I will aim to work up a sweat most days when I can- not with the aim to burn calories, but that it seems to improve my mood. At the very least, it does not make me feel any worse.
  • My tendency is to want to do everything, all at once, and pack a lot in, regardless of how tired or busy I am. I was getting stressed yesterday about not going to an aerobics class. I thought – chill the f out, honey, you only got off the plane at 0730, give yourself a break. I do well when I aim to do just one or two things, and doing them, and cutting myself slack about the other things I “should” be doing (am shoulding myself again).
  • Getting decent sleep is important, because sleep is good, and also, it reduces the need for coffee, which I need to look at weaning, my gastro-oesophageal junction will thank me immensely.

On the topic of achievable goals, I must go and finish unpacking now.

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  1. I hate flossing, but I don’t mind doing it with these little prongy flossy plastic things I’ve got. Much easier than floss.

    Working up a regular sweat is a good goal. Sweat=Bliss.

    And, you look just fine!

  2. Ughhh, I hate it when they pick at your teeth, beats me why anyone would want to be a dentist. I had an unfortunate (and expensive) root canal episode about 6 years ago and have been scrupulous ever since, DO NOT want a repeat.

    Now, Welcome Back, looks like you had a ball overseas, hope you are feeling lovely and rested.

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