Suppressed airport rage- where’s my effing upgrade, bastards?


I have squillions ( ok about 60000) frequent flyer points which one might think would be good for an upgrade but oooooooh no, they have to be stingy. What the f is the point of an airline alliance when you can only use the points on one airline???
Ok rant over. Am back at hk airpot waiting for my final leg home.
I had a great few last days in London, catching up with old mates, and even catching up with Phil for coffee again. I had quite an academic few days, seeing an exhibition on the evolution of the English language at the British library, and checked out the Wellcome collection. I also went to the other Anthropologie shop in London, bought a dress from the previous season on sale, one I had been lusting over.
In a cafe, I was sitting next to two ladies who were models, I knew this because they were very skinny, and also they were talking about modeling assignments. It crossed my mind to ask them if they were models, and when they replied yes, saying “hey, me too!”. Then seeing the looks on their faces.
Ok, so back home. I have my compression stockings on, my earplug at the ready and most importantly, my Macau pills.


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  1. Hi Cilla,

    Who you flying with? Unless you’re a Gold/platinum (on departure upgrades) member you can only get upgrades in advance.

    From memory discount economy to business is about 100,000 points one way – LHR to MEL

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