Not my first visit to Scotland, I went to Glasgow 5 years ago, but my first visit to Edinburgh.

I arrived in Edinburgh at 1130 hrs, but my room was not ready at the hotel, so I wandered about looking like a bogan in my tracky daks and coat. I finally got into my hotel room at about 2pm and tried to have a nap but my room was too noisy (first floor near a corner with buses going past). So I got moved to a room upstairs. On the 6th floor. No stairs. This will help me get fitter / burn off holiday flab.

Last night, I met up with Shauna/Dietgirl, for dinner. It was awesome to meet her – I yabbered on a bit which I tend to do when I am deliriously tired/drunk/a bit nervous (I was all of these things). I think we understood each other well, and we chatted like old mates. I passed on messages of admiration from people (Andrew). We had dinner at a place called The Two Dogs, with great food,  but it had a slightly unnerving very large picture of a dog (possibly a greyhound, could not tell), then Shauna graciously took me for a fried mars bar. To be honest it tasted like hot mars bar…not the gooey deliciousness I had imagined; I think deep frying works better with savoury foods. I had a wonderful time – always great to meet a like-minded individual.

Today, I went on a walking tour of Edinburgh, which was very educational. We saw views of Edinburgh castle, got a glimpse of some “haunted Edinburgh” and generally got a feel for the place. I also learned about the origin of the word ‘shitfaced’ and other interesting facts. I went and had some Haggis for lunch (it is quite nice, very peppery) and then went to see the Castle, but it was about to close. Instead I went to the Edinburgh writers museum, basically a tribute to Robert Louis Stevenson, Robbie Burns and Sir Walter Scott. It also had a section on how writers are prone to persecution in some countries, which was very interesting.

To state the bleeding obvious, it is cold here. And dark. It is 5:30pm and pitch black.

Tonight, I am catching up with an old friend for dinner. I am writing this from The Elephant House Cafe, which is where JK Rowling sat all day long with a cup of coffee and wrote the first 2 Harry Potter novels. It is a nice cosy (ish) place.  I have had a coffee as insurance against falling asleep over dinner.

Tomorrow: up to see the Castle, then off to London!

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  1. That is what I thought Andrew! Hope you have an awesome time despite the weather. I am surprised that Jaykay hasn’t been on your back for some crazy English sweet that she misses.

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