From my iPhone, from the train, in the Father country


hello from England, where I am meandering north on the train to Edinburgh.
I got off the plane at 0450 GMT, and, thanks to my British passport, flied through customs. Though booked on an 8am train, I got on a 7am train, and here I am, taking advantage of the free wifi on the train.
I sprung for a premium economy seat on the plane, was ok, not as uncomfy as cattle class. I flew british airways, the service was not too bad. What made the flight most bearable was the use of sleeping tablets procured from Macau.
At the moment, I am going through the North of England, near Durham (my ancestral town), so it is great. I arrive in Edinburgh at about 1115 hrs, quite fast, though not as fast as the Shinkansen.
Yesterday, hubby and I had a lovely time wandering about the peak area of Hong Kong island, lush subtropical forest with the worlds most expensive real estate (I kid you not). The weather was quite balmy and humid.
Here in England, it is cold and misty, the fields are shrouded, literally, in mist. It makes me cold just looking out there.
Tonight, an audience with dietgirl, Shauna, herself! Am very excited!
Then some sightseeing tomorrow, then dinner with a friend coming across from Glasgow.
Jetlag, shmetlag.

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