Hong Kong: Stuff vs Experience


Hello from Hong Kong.

I have found it loud, crowded and a little overwhelming.

Shops EVERYWHERE. Bling, luxury goods, cosmetics, electronics, pharmacies EVERYWHERE. Alas, no clothes to fit. I have stopped trying things on.

Materialism is soul sucking. So is trying stuff on that does not fit. So I have bought what I have wanted to buy, the stuff that is cheaper here than back home, and have avoided lots of browsing.

I just cannot bring myself to spend the moolah on a designer handbag (though I have lusted after one). I went and hung my nose over them at Louis Vuitton, but decided that it would be too expensive. Well, just that I would rather spend the money on frivolous experiences (like trips to Edinburgh and London) than frivolous goods. This, surely, is a sign of maturity 😛

However, they have second hand, good condition designer bags in HK – a place called Eco Ring in Tsim Sha Tsui. I sprung for one; it is about a quarter of the price of the new bag. I am happy now!

We went for a trip to Macau yesterday, it was great! Basically Macau is a tiny Portugese colony off China, an hours’ ferry ride out of HK. Basically, it is a mix of Rome, Hong Kong and Las Vegas (lots of casinos). It is a fascinating place. We went on an organised tour, seeing the old Lisbon style city square, looking at the casinos, and seeing the sky tower, which has the worlds highest bungy jump from it. The viewing platform is partly glass bottomed, very vertiginous.

today, a wander about Mongkok, a suburb in Kowloon. The further north you go, the more Cantonese it gets. We saw the wet markets on Nelson st: basically tubs of water with bubblers in them, and live fish/crustacea in there. Can’t get fresher than that. There are trucks in the street to pump the water. A fish jumped out and landed near my foot. Squeal and giggle!!

I was also after some medicines for heartburn and sleep – you can buy stuff there over the counter that is quite tightly regulated in Australia!

Off to the UK tomorrow night! Off to Caprice for dinner tonight – it has come highly recommended by a friend.

Mood a bit up and down, been a bit anxious (have discovered I tolerate crowds poorly) at one point was thinking of ditching the UK part of the itinerary and going home, until my lovely husband talked some sense into me….have been focussing on enjoying things (and not trying asian sized clothing on, surefire way to fuck with your head), keeping up some exercise, not going berserk with the wine, trying to sleep properly……

Addit: Caprice was awesome! Had the venison, tastes like beef.

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  1. I don’t deal with crowds well either and I’ve learnt that it’s okay to take some time out when you’re on hols. I used to think that it was a waste of time and money just to veg in the hotel room but sometimes you need it.

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