best meat EVAH.


Today we were at the Hiroshima food fair – basically little stalls selling food. Lots of meat on sticks and fried goods. There was even a KFC stall (the Japanese are mad for KFC).

At one stall, there was a queue a mile long for some pork on a stick. Ian joined it, saying that if there was queue then it must be good, right.

Good – it was fricking awesome. Had something to do with the amount of FAT in it.

We didn’t eat much more than that – awesome pork is super filling.

We went to Kobe on the shinkansen – 350 km in just over an hour. We saw some sumo at the Hiroshima station ( I think there is about to be a tournament in Fukuoka soon) and I got a photo with one…..good to look comparatively svelte. On Ian’s suggestion (his drug of choice is beef) we went to a place recommended in the Ronery Pranet called Wakkukyu.

Best. Beef. Evah. Cooked in front of us on the teppan grill.

Now I have to go to bed. My tummy hurts. I think it is my gallbag.

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