Am on HOLIDAYS!!!!!

Murphy’s law: I had sinusitis this morning. A bit of mersyndol and prednisolone and I am now nearly right as rain.

We are off at sparrowfart tomorrow morning. We are flying Cathay pacific, hopefully it will be good.

The dog has gone to the doggy resort, she left yesterday morning. She willingly got into the car; she loves cars. Ian pined for her the whole day. She is his companion, they are good mates. Mad dogs and Englishmen.

I hope to go for lots of runs when I am away, see the sights. I will also teach Ian to run. When I get back, I will start doing some body pump classes. Somebody has recommended them to me and there are about 3 classes a day at my gym. I will give it a crack. More muscle, more metabolically active, blah-de-blah.

I will be seeing Kathryn in Tokyo – will be good to see her and I bet she misses being able to talk to people in English!

I went to see the Chitra’s closet show last night – saw the divine Miss Lilli strutting her stuff on the catwalk. Beautiful clothes, got to stalk some outfits I liked!!

Better go pack now….. Ian won’t pack till I have – all my stuff is on the bed.

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  1. Have an awesome time! I am so jealous! Seriously eat everything! And buy boxes of treats that are elaborately wrapped for presents for your mum.

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